Monday, May 9, 2011

Save PE in Texas – Call You’re State Representative

It’s not too late to help save PE in Texas schools. Late Friday night efforts were made in the Texas House to severely reduce PE and Health requirements in Texas schools. The American Heart Association is fighting these efforts and needs help from you!

HB 400 is a large education bill dealing with many aspects of public school in Texas. During floor debate attempts were made to take out important Health and PE requirements that are currently law.

The good news is that debate was stopped on Friday night and the bad amendments were taken away. The bad news is that debate will resume today and more attempts to weaken PE will likely resume.

Please call your State Representative and tell them to vote against any amendment in HB 400 that would weaken PE, Health, or Nutrition standards. You can look up your legislator at:

Here are some talking points.

-Please vote against any amendments in HB 400 that will reduce PE, Health, or Nutrition standards in public schools

-Obesity is a major risk factor for heart disease and stroke. We need to increase PE efforts right now, not reduce them

-Supporting amendments to weaken PE or Health would represent a major step backwards in our fight to reduce childhood obesity in Texas.


You can also follow up your phone call with an email. Plesae click here to send an email to your lawmaker:

P.S. Please email me if you call your Lawmaker so we can track our progress.  Thanks!!


brain under repair on May 9, 2011 at 7:40 AM said...

Brian- Just want to provide public and positive feedback on the content of this morning's call. Specifically;
1.)overview of legislative process;
2.)climate in house and senate for context
3.) ckear calls to action and supporting resource of this blog
Keep up the good work!
I'll do my "viral" best this week and in-person next week:-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone who made today's call! -Terri Williams

Anonymous said...

Our kids will suffer if they cut anymore. Obesity is on the rise with children. Lower income families will suffer the most because they will be un-educated about fitness and wellness. I am a PE teacher and I'm appauld!! Bugdets being cut, now this? Time time to replace Rick Perry. We need new blood in the system.



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