Sunday, May 8, 2011

PE in Texas Under Attack

On Friday night drastic measures were taken in the Texas House that would severely weaken Physical Education and Health in Texas schools. Over the years the American Heart Association has fought hard to strengthen the quality and quantity of PE in schools. However, several measures were passed last night that would undue much of that work.

Please call your State Representative and tell him/her to vote against any proposals that would weaken PE, Health, or Nutrition requirements in public schools. Here is a direct link to look up legislators and their Austin phone numbers:

You can also send an email: Click here to send an email.


Lawmakers are currently debating HB 400 a large school accountability bill. This bill is being amended to weaken PE standards in schools. Here is a recap on what is happening:

1. Physical Fitness Assessments have been removed. You helped us pass the Fitness Assessment bill in 2007 which (anonymously) tracks the physical fitness of all students. An amendment was passed that removed this Assessment.

2. Coordinated School Health programs could also be eliminated. Coordinator School Health Programs help improve academic performance by combining many educational components like: PE, Health, Nutrition, Tobacco education, Counseling, and Safe School Environments into a coordinated action plan. This program is vital for improving the health, behavior, and academic success of our students.

3. Other attempts to reduce PE and Health will likely come as debate on HB 400 continues.

Please take action and tell your lawmakers to support PE and Health in schools and vote against any attempts to weaken them in HB 400. Please email me if you are able to make a  call.

Thanks for your support!

Brian Bowser
Grassroots Coordinator



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